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    Transportation in Thailand

  • Transport in Thailand is varied and chaotic, with no one dominant means of transport. Bus transport dominates in long distances and Bangkok, with motorcycles dominating in rural areas for short trips, supplanting bicycles. In Bangkok, public motorcycle taxis take people to their front door. Slow rail travel has long been a rural long distance transport mechanism. An overwhelming number of taxis can be found in Bangkok. Recently there has been a surge in air travel, urban rail, and private automobiles, especially among tourists, expats, upper class and growing middle class. Areas with navigable waterways often have boats or boat service, and many innovative means of transport exist such as tuk-tuk, vanpool, songthaew, or even elephants in rural areas.
  • Rail transport in Thailand

    The State Railway of Thailand operates 4,070 km of 1.000-m gauge railway line (294.63 km double track and 106.01 km triple track).

Metro systems

Bangkok is the only city in Thailand with a metro system:

Towns served by rail

    Thai highway network

  • The Thai highway network links every part of Thailand. The four lane highways often have overhead concrete pedestrian crossings interspersed about every 250 meters in populated areas. There are no on and off ramps, highways are separated by median with breakage for U-turns, except in Bangkok where ramp style U-turns predominate. A number of undivided two lane highways have been converted meh to divided 4 lane highway, greatly enhancing safety and speed. A Bangkok - Chon Buri motorway (Route 7) now links to the new airport and Eastern Seaboard.
  • Thai motorway network

  • The Thai motorway network is small. Coupled with Bangkok's extensive expressway network, the motorways provide a relief from regular traffic in Bangkok. The Thai Government is planning infrastructure investment in various "megaprojects", including motorway expansion to approximately 4,500 kilometers.
  • Thai expressway network

  • Thailand use expressway term for the toll road or highway network. Most of expressway are elevated which some section on the ground. Current expressway network covers major parts of Bangkok and suburb area. Expressway often use to avoid heavy traffic jams in Bangkok and reduce traffic time, but sometimes congested in rush hour.
  • Bus service

  • Buses are a major method of transportation for people and packages, and the most popular means of long distance travel. Tour and VIP class long distance buses tend to be luxurious and tall, while city and other class buses are often very colorful with paint schemes and advertising, and tend to be about the same size as a North American school bus. Bangkok city buses come in various sizes, types, and prices, from half size, full size, double length, open window, fan, and air conditioned.
  • Alternative transport

  • Includes tuk-tuk, taxi, van (minibus), motorcycle taxi, songthaew, boats (in canals and rivers).
  • Air transport

    Major international airports

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